Choosing the exact needs of your website can be daunting, if you are not sure what website is right for you we will help you decide. We will keep the technical jargon to a minimum and we can work to your budget.

Website design

Search Engine Optimisation


Content Management

websites What do I get?

All of our websites come with these specifications as standard no matter what the size or cost.

tick Bespoke website
tick Domain name (optional)
tick Website hosting for 1 year
tick Email addresses
tick Search Engine Optimisation
tick Contact form with validator
tick W3C compliant XHTML validation
tick Google analytics submission (optional)


Prices range from £150 upwards, it is difficult to give fixed prices when designing bespoke websites.

We will give you a quote when we have established exactly what features and how many pages your website needs, alternatively we can work to your budget. Whatever your budget is, we will treat your website as importantly as any other we design.

How does the process work?


Search Engine Optimisation means improving how much traffic comes to your website from search engines using natural or unpaid methods.

All of the websites we design are built to be search engine optimised using a variety of methods. When a newly finished website is ready to go live we will submit the site to the Google crawler index, Google analytics, Google webmaster tools and Google maps. These are excellent tools for monitoring traffic and search results.


We charge nothing for optimising websites we design. We incorporate SEO into the design and scripting of webdesign and it would be unprofessional not to do.


Search Engine Marketing means improving the amount of traffic to your website via search engines by using paid methods.

Social Networking

Search engines are easily the most effective and easiest way to increase traffic to your website, but there is a new form of marketing arising; social networking. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn should not be underestimated and have very good marketing power. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of these websites and we can include links, widgets and share features in your website for no added cost.

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is the buying of goods or services over electronic systems.


Prices range start at £400 for a basic e-commerce website package.


A Content Management System is where we develop your website with a feature which allows you to easily change some of the content of your website. This requires no technical knowledge whatsoever. We can design you a website so all pages can incorporate this feature or just a select few.

When CMS is used, the basic layout and formatting of the content is up to you. We can implement a more customised system which formats the content for you, this means the text and images will retain their fonts, colours, sizes, borders, positioning, etc when you make changes.

Pros and cons

The advantage of having CMS is that authorised users, who log in, can change the content of specified data on your website, so web developers don‘t need to do it for you. If you want to change the content of your website frequently, such as for example, a sports fixture site, CMS is definitely the quickest and cheapest way to do so.


The cost of CMS is incorporated into the final price of a website. We set up the database, scripts and integration of the feature into your website.

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